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System integration

Integral Systems Europe is the first integrator of Integral Systems companies products, but we can integrate our systems with any specific third-party equipment or system as well.

However we can propose custom off-the-shelf integrated solutions for any satellite ground system, whatever its size and technical specifications are.

System automation

Automation is available on Epoch and Compass products, another tool from Integral Systems, Task Initiator (TI), allows to shedule the execution of any applications or scripts. Task Initiator includes mechanisms for starting tasks based upon recognition of satellite control center events, such as time scheduled events, file arrival events, or customer specified events.

Moreover, Task initiator is a multi-platform tool, running on any Operating System, and offers a strong integration
with Epoch IPS

Thanks to Integral Systems Task Initiator capabilities, automation of your ground system has never been so easy.

Beside that ISE developped a specific tool to bring Task Initiator automation to an higher step, allowing to simply define new tasks from XML data within TI... This brings Task Initiator auto-scheduling itself.



All our systems are tested and delivered off-the -shelf.

Support and maintenance

We are commited to propose long-term support on all our integrated systems, we offer high reactivity support services at the best prices.

We propose as well maintenance contracts, ensuring your system remains up-to-date for the required system lifetime.


Data acquisition


Data processing


Customization and specific developments



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