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Downtime is not an option for mission-critical networks. When your operations success depends on your communications infrastructure, only a proven Monitor and Control (M&C) solution will suffice. That is why broadcasters, satellite operators, telecommunications

providers, the military and a range of other industries that rely on mission-critical networks use

the Compass®  Monitor and Control Suite, an award winning solution for ensuring

network health and uptime.


Compass is the industry leading M&C solution with over 3,000 global installations in mission critical environments. It ensures the health and uptime of equipment and automates complex service tasks to improve network resiliency. Compass helps operators gain complete visibility into communications equipment and to remediate issues in real-time by taking advantage of its control capabilities.

Compass Monitoring & Control - User Interface

COMPASS monitors and controls a wide-range of devices on mission-critical networks.

Compass’s key capabilities include:


  • Monitor & control - gain complete visibility into communications equipment and leverage control capabilities
  • Remote site management – manage and control equipment at remote sites, automate network maintenance and reduce costly site visits


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