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SAT DSA & Monics Technology

In an environment that changes as rapidly as today’s telecommunication industry, monitoring assets is a challenge that very few companies are prepared to meet. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SAT Corporation, Integral Systems, Inc. (ISI), is leading the way with the Monics Carrier Monitoring System with several type of software taking advantages of Signal Digital Processor made by ISI (Integral Systems Incorporated).


General Description of SAT-DSA & Monics

Both Software provide key advanced features :

  • Combines traditional Spectrum analyzer and Digital Spectrum Processor analysis
  • Measures EIRP, Central Frequency, Bandwidth, Es/No Eb/No, C/No, modulation type, symbol rate, BER…
  • Reference trace definition
  • Interleaved Automatic and Manual monitoring
  • Automatic alerts for Abnormal and missing carriers
  • Automatic data and traces storage and playback
  • Carrier under carrier: Characterize interference without dropping main carrier
  • Constellation diagram I/Q
  • TDMA analysis with spectrogram display
  • Earth station Gain Calibration
  • “Point and click” philosophy

SAT DSA & Monics features



SAT DSA - Digital Spectrum Analyzer Specifications

This solution combines light-weight software taking its power out of one Digital Signal Processor.
Thanks to advanced FFT algorithms, it is a low cost Satellite Monitoring System designed for teleports or small agencies.
All automatic and manual features are listed upper.
SAT DSA high capabilities but low cost system


Monics - Automatic Satellite Carrier Monitoring System

SAT Technology

Compared to SAT-DSA, Monics is the high performance Satellite Monitoring System specially designed for Satellites Operators or big agencies.


This software drives the Digital Signal Processor with many different advanced FFT algorithms to provide the highest level of service and the best measurement quality:

  • Different analysis algorithms depending on the carrier characteristics
  • Beacon rain fade compensation and beacon frequency correction
  • Easy database structure based on satellites structure
  • Web based reports
  • Opened interface for the Central Database for external application
  • Distributed for multiple sites with Monics Net


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