Web Monitoring Utilities

Set of utilities adding a new web monitoring user Interface working with Monics CSM

These utilities are offering a user-based login and management in order to provide enhanced monitoring user interfaces.


Monitoring Dashboard

User configurable dashboards set, it displays real-time measuyrements from Monics CSM.

Possibility of displaying thelast measurement from a target antenna, transponder, satellite,  or even carrier, this utility relies on Monics CSM and its monitoring plans. Color of the spectrum is also configurable.

SiteMon Carrier Monitoring

This utility provides a real-time display of defined (and/or planned) carrier measurements, the view is intuitive, with a user-friendly tree-view filter for selecting the item to display.

This utility defines a custom monitoring plan within Monics CSM and allows to add/remove monitored carriers in real-time from the web UI.

A user-based favorite carriers view allows to defined quickly a set of carriers to monitor and view at the same time

The tree menu filter allows to select the display set of carriers per site, antenna, satellite, uplink/downlink, transponder and eventually carrier by carrier.

Web Line-up

Web line-up is an upcoming utility to monitor the line-up phase.

Line-up monitoring can be either:

  • Planned
  • Or started on-the-fly



  • User managemement with custom permissions
  • Timelines of line-up planification
  • Filtering of the line-up by company, antenna, satellite, transponder, carrier name...etc.
  • Real-time line-up monitoring with customizable procedure
  • Import/export of line-up planning with third-party tools
  • Replay of finished line-ups
  • Confirmed line-up procedure is provided with the tool, based on Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group (SUIRG) recommendations


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