ISE in European Test and Telemetry Conference (ETTC) 2011 in Toulouse, June 14-16

ETTC 2011 LogoIntegral Systems Europe Will be attending ETTC 2011 (European Test and Telemetry Conference) in Toulouse at Pierre Baudis Convention Center, with our partner Agenium.

Steve Williams, from Integral Systems subsidiary RT Logic, will present the following paper: Testing with RF Channel Simulators for increased quality and decreased risk, cost and schedule.

Abstract : Whenever transmitters and receivers are in motion, signals between them incur Carrier Doppler shift, Signal Doppler shift, delay, path loss and noise.  This occurs on test ranges and in operational settings for UAV, aircraft, missile, target and satellite applications, to name several.  In most cases, additional complicating factors include accidental interference, jamming, terrain, weather, antenna characteristics, body shielding, and more.  As a result, communication system hardware, firmware and software must be rigorously but cost-effectively tested against an extensive matrix of dynamic nominal and worst-case conditions.  Physics-compliant RF Channel Simulators enable such verification, improving quality, and reducing risk, cost and schedule. This paper describes RF channel simulation technology and use, including an on-the-air use case example for Test Range validation, verification and training, without test flights required.

Conference information:

June 14-16 2011
Pierre Baudis Convention Center
Toulouse, France
Stand 30

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