ISE announces ESA Packet-Utilization Standard (PUS) compliance into Epoch IPS satellite ground system

Integral Systems EuropeISE (Integral Systems Europe) announces that its EPOCH IPS (EPOCH Integrated Product Suite) COTS  product is in compliance with ESA’s (European Space Agency) PUS (Packet-Utilization Standard) for Satellite Control Systems and EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment).

Integral has implemented a complete, database-driven system for PUS services, with an open architecture for mission-specific services and solutions.


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This new EPOCH IPS capability is specifically designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of ESA satellite programs.
  • It includes full spacecraft commanding at 64 kbps and implements European standards for spacecraft operations.
  • In particular, EPOCH IPS delivers a command queue and command history capability with real-time GUI (Graphical User Interface) displays.

Based on our success at EUMETSAT with the METOP satellites, this investment demonstrates the suitability of our COTS products to support European Earth Observation missions” says Bruno Dupas, President of Integral Systems Europe.

EPOCH IPS PUS features include:

  • Command verification for immediate and time-tagged commands, merging ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) PUS reports and EPOCH telemetry verification.
  • Commanding with full ECSS PUS command formats, including sub-formats and all ECSS PUS command point types.
  • ECSS PUS satellite housekeeping and diagnostic telemetry format decommutation.
  • “On-the-fly” satellite telemetry programming and immediate updating of the decommutation logic in the ground system.
  • Ground spacecraft schedule and procedure execution modeling with GUI displays.
  • Database-driven spacecraft event and alarm formatting through GUI displays.
  • Database-driven spacecraft report XML formatting and management.
  • Standardized spacecraft database ingest from predefined ASCII files.


ISE has presented EPOCH IPS for both EGSE and satellite control at the SpaceOps 2008 gathering in Heidelberg, Germany, on Wednesday, 14 May, at 13:30 (Session 71 – SASS-5 – System Design, Architecture, and Space Regulations III).

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