Integral Systems Europe to provide Carrier Monitoring and Interference Detection capability to Telenor

Telenor Satellite BroadcastingIntegral Systems Europe (ISE) announces the delivery and installation of the system at TELENOR Satellite Broadcasting AS  facilities at Nittedal, Norway. ISE has provided a fully integrated carrier monitoring (CSM) and transponder planning system for the THOR family of satellites. The turnkey system includes products from Integral’s wholly owned subsidiary SAT Corporation, the leading provider of satellite carrier monitoring solutions.

Fully Integrated Carrier Monitoring and Transponder Planning System.

This system consists of SAT Corporation’s Monics carrier monitoring and interference detection system for Ku-band beams, and a transponder management system from Optimal Satcom.

Integral Systems EuropeISE is using industry-leading, pre-integrated products and has encountered significant success on previous programs like Thuraya, HellasSat and Rascom. It has been proven to ensure a fast implementation and optimized operational usage. Integral’s solution allows all of the systems to interface easily and to share data automatically, thus providing capabilities that are far superior to other solutions available on the market. Further extensions to additional bands and monitoring sites are planned by TELENOR.

The Integral Systems range of proposed products and services offer a completely integrated and very powerful technical solution for managing the satellite communications”, said Cato Halsaa, Vice President and CEO, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS.

It has been a pleasure working with such professional and knowledgeable personnel as we installed our products at TELENOR premises.” said Bruno Dupas, President of Integral Systems Europe. “Our integrated system approach provides unique capabilities and added flexibility. Providing our customers with easy to use and cost-effective solutions for their day-to-day mission operations is ISE’s primary objective.

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