Integral Systems Europe awarded contract to provide Venµs receiving kit to CNES

Venus on CNES Official websiteToulouse, France, October 2008 – Integral Systems Europe (ISE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISYS), announced a contract with Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) – The French National Space Agency to provide the fully integrated VENµS Receiving Kit.  The system will include products from Integral Systems, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Newpoint Technologies.


The system will be installed at the Swedish Space Corporation’s (SSC) Kiruna ground station to ensure VENµS payload telemetry acquisition and transmission to the CNES mission segment.  Newpoint Technologies’ Compass network management system will monitor and control the system’s equipment and provide full capacity for remote system monitoring.  Integral Systems’ Task Initiator solution will handle automation activities and communications management.


“CNES is looking forward to working with a new partner and has no doubt ISE will bring this development to a successful conclusion,” said Emmanuel Bourret, technical manager of the VENµS Receiving Kit.


“We are extremely proud of our first contract with CNES in Toulouse,” said Bruno Dupas, President of Integral Systems Europe.  “After our success on the METOP programme for EUMETSAT, we continue to demonstrate that a combination of COTS products and Integral’s engineering capabilities provide the best value to our customers.”


Integral Systems ensures a low-risk implementation and a short delivery schedule by deploying industry-leading, integrated product solutions for customers including Thuraya, HellasSat, and Rascom,  Integral Systems’ integrated solution allows systems to interface easily and share data automatically, providing superior mission capability.