IAI/MBT orders the SAT-DSA tools for their european teleport

orders the SAT-DSA carrier monitoring and interference detection
analyzer for
their european teleport

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SAT-DSA with Carrier under Carrier interference detection allows quick identification of unknown signals.

Sunnyvale, CA, February, 2007 -- SAT Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-ISYS), today announced that it will deliver it’s SAT-DSA to IAI/MBT for it’s Europe based Teleport. The SAT-DSA is uniquely suited to provide Satellite Carrier monitoring and interference detection to help IAI/MBT provide the highest level of quality service to its customers.  SAT-DSA includes the ability to: automatically detect, characterize and display interfering signals, access historical spectral data and signal characteristics as well as support remote user access and carrier line up activities.
“We are very pleased that IAI/MBT selected our unique SAT-DSA technology to monitor their communications in Europe”, said Christophe Kolbe from Integral Systems Europe. “IAI/MBT has made the right choice in using SAT-DSA. Moreover, they have the ability to operate their Euro beam from their main NOC based in Israel” Bob Potter, President and CEO at SAT added.
SAT has provided similar systems to customers worldwide including Arrowhead, Artel, Eutelsat, SES-Sirius, Northrop Grumman, Skylogic, Globecast, Rignet, Petrocom and Helmrich and Payne, among others.

About IAI/MBT:

IAI/MBT Space Division offers a wide range of small to medium sized satellites. The AMOS family of geo-stationary satellites provides modern communications services in Israel, in Europe and to the east coast of the USA. The OFEQ family of low earth orbiting observation satellites provides high-quality imagery using a relatively small satellite bus. MBT Space's EROS satellite provides high-resolution space imagery for the commercial EROS venture. MBT Space provides full control and services for its satellites, from users' ground stations or from MBT Space on-site ground stations.  
About SAT Corporation:
SAT Corporation, an Integral Systems Company located in Sunnyvale, CA, is a leading provider of product-based solutions for SATCOM RF and terrestrial signal monitoring to commercial satellite operators, services providers, broadcasters, and military and civil users worldwide.

About Integral Systems:

Founded in 1982, Integral Systems is a leading provider of satellite ground systems and has supported over 205 different satellite missions for communications, science, meteorological, and earth resource applications.  The Company was the first to offer an integrated suite of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) software products for satellite command and control, the EPOCH IPS product line.  EPOCH has become a world market leader in commercial applications with successful installations on 5 continents.  

In addition to SAT, the Company’s Newpoint Technologies, Inc. subsidiary provides software for equipment monitoring and control to satellite operators and telecommunications firms.  The Company’s RT Logic subsidiary builds telemetry processing systems for military applications including tracking stations, control centers and range operations.  The Company’s Lumistar, Inc., subsidiary is a provider of system level and board level telemetry acquisition products. Integral Systems has approximately 410 employees working at company headquarters in Lanham, Maryland, and at other locations in the U.S. In Europe, Integral Systems Europe provides complete system solutions based upon the whole family of Integral Systems COTS products.