Integrated ground solutions for your satellite

More efficient control for your spacecraft and/or your communications? 

Need more efficient control of your spacecraft and/or your communications? Kratos Integral Systems Europe (KISE) delivers integrated ground station solutions, from individual requirements to an entire ground system. We enable the command and control of spacecraft fleets,  satcom operations, communications and ground facilities.

We serve as a one-stop shop – increasing your efficiency, security and control in the ground station. We offer solutions that help you manage your entire satellite operations from command and control, signal geo-location, carrier monitoring, equipment monitor and control, network management to service management. We are the only provider that delivers this type of breadth of solutions and services to meet your specific needs.

Kratos ISE - One Stop Shop for integrated Ground Systems
Epoch IPS - Satellite Control
SatID - Satellite Signal & Interference Geolocation
Monics & SatDSA - Carrier Monitoring Systems
Neuralstar - Entreprise Network Management System
Compass - Devices Monitoring & Control
Neuralstar SQM - Service Quality Manager
Antenna Facilities

Kratos ISE is a satellite systems integrator and leverages the industry leading products from its many divisions for implementation in EMEA countries.

We provide the products, subsystems and turnkey integrated ground station solutions to meet your needs. This includes the hardware, software, and services. Our goal is to combine commercial-based products with high quality services to match your unique requirements.

We partner with you to provide flexible and scalable solutions that exceed performance benchmarks. Our team provides on-time deliveries, long-term support and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us to find out how we can help elevate your ground station operations to a higher level of efficiency and productivity by leveraging our products, services and expertise