Integrated ground solutions for your satellite

More efficient control for your spacecraft and/or your communications? 

We are proposing integrated ground station solutions, from any individual requirement to an entire ground system allowing to command and control spacecraft fleet, and to monitor satcom operations, communications and ground facilities.

Here is your one-stop shop for the best efficiency, security and  high-level control in your ground stations.

Integrated Ground Solutions - One-Stop Shop

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Integral Systems Europe provides products, subsystems and turnkey integrated ground station solutions including hardware, software, and services.

We are the principal satellite system integrator for providing Integral Systems'/Kratos' corporate products in EMEA countries.

  • Our goal is to combine Commercial-based products with high quality services to match your unique requirements.
  • Flexibility, exceeding the technical performance, scalability, on-time deliveries, long term support, and to provide the best available price are our guidelines.

Make sure you make the most of your investment in space: Integral Systems is your long term partner to control, protect and expand your assets.

Contact us to learn about how you can bring your ground station operations to a higher level of efficiency and productivity using our products, services and expertise.